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Silver Creek Kitchen Painting and Remodel

20170326_154212When the homeowners contacted me about this project, they were thinking that they wanted to update the look of the kitchen. They were hesitant about investing too much time and money, but wanted it to be more elegant and current. When I looked at the kitchen, I immediately knew that they could revamp the entire kitchen much less expensively than installing new cabinets, giving them the look and feel of a completely remodeled kitchen at a fraction of the price.

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3 Paints That Make A Difference

If you want the job done right

Just as finding the right color using the right paint is just as important if not more so. Shopping at just one paint store leaves you with a limited selection and possibly the wrong product for your project.

To ensure you have the correct product for your project I visit multiple different paint stores a day. Most painters only go to one store just as Kelly More, but I am familiar with and use all brands of paint. Some jobs such as molding require Benjamin Moore products due to the sheen, ability to reduce brush lines, easy touch up, and outstanding adhesion. Most painters will recommend Kelly More’s 1685 Dura Poxy, but I find that it comes off as plastically and is not as durable.

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3 Things to Consider Before Painting

Have you been following the latest painting trends and want to give your home a fresh and trendy new look? The process can be overwhelming. Going to the paint counter, picking colors, and then actually painting it can make your head spin. Choosing the right color, while it might seem simple, is a science that color consultants have mastered. What you see in a magazine or online cannot be matched by going to your local paint store, as there are many factors that need to be taken into account.

First – Consider Light

Your house is unique. You might have afternoon sun, or you might have shadowing from a tree, and so forth. Don’t trust color swatches at the paint store. Bring them home and look at them at all times of the day, even at night with your lights on. When you’ve narrowed it down to 2 colors, I think it’s always smart to purchase small sample cans and paint a bit on each wall. Better safe than sorry. You don’t want to paint a whole room, only to have to paint it all over again because it looks horrible. 

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