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    Her prices were in line with everyone else, but she really shined with her hands on expertise and suggestions for colors.

    Peter R., San Jose, CA Yelp Review

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    The crew she brought with her was extremely efficient, got the work done right on time. Terrific work ethic.

    Ram S. San Jose, CA Yelp Review

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    The painting was done on time so I could move without having to reschedule anything, and the quality of the work was top notch.

    Mark B., Saratoga, CA Yelp Review

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    Wish all the home improvements are fast easy and dependable as services provided by Jennifer Davis painting.

    Gautam V., Santa Clara, CA Yelp Review

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That’s almost as long as our paint jobs last!

There is definitely a difference in the way painting contractors in the San Jose area work. Many just want to get that house painted in as short of time as possible to make the most profit. Of course, you can’t blame them! And for some homeowners here in San Jose that is absolutely fine because it means less money out of pocket – that is, until they have to do it over because the color turned out to be all wrong and they had to do it over, or the paint started peeling because it wasn’t prepared correctly, or their real estate agent tells them the quality of the work devalues their home, or any number of things that can go wrong with a paint job. Those things do happen, but…

That’s not the way we work. We don’t sacrifice quality to make a dime. If it’s not great, it’s not good enough.

But that doesn’t mean our prices aren’t competitive either! Just ask Peter…


Her prices were in line with everyone else, but she really shined with her hands on expertise and suggestions for colors.

Yelp Review, Peter, San Jose, CA

So, do you want “good enough”? Or do you want great?

And our answer is, you don’t have to settle for less. Your house or commercial place of work deserves the best – the best quality for the best price!

And that’s what we do. We won’t settle for anything less that great. And we do it all at a great price. So if you’re looking for a San Jose painter for your house or office space, call Jennifer Davis Painting. We’ll come out to assess your need free of charge and then present you with a quote.

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Our painters are painting up a storm in San Jose, Willow Glen, Saratoga, Morgan Hill, Campbell, Los Gatos and all points in between. We work on both commercial and residential home projects. We are a licensed painting contractor based out of South San Jose.

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What we liked most about working with Jennifer is that she is a perfectionist. She doesn't rush and ended up staying an extra day because she wanted to do more touch up, that wasn't even at our request.

S D.
Manteca, CA